Fighting Anti-Muslim Posters With Humor

One Muslim group has hit back at the anti-Muslim posters in the US with a brilliant comeback in the best way they know how - giving people a good laugh on the subway in NYC

Fighting Anti-Muslim Posters With Humor

World Bulletin / News Desk

A poster campaign that says "Muslims are coming!" by a bigot would ring alarm bells but in NYC from this month on this  will only guarantee a good tight bear hug if the latest posters that are coming are anything to go by.

Dean Obeidullah and Negin Farsad are New York based documentary filmmakers who decided to come up with a humour strategy to counter the rabid anti-Muslim posters on MTA buses, likening Muslims to Nazi's. They came up with the idea of the campaign, calling it, Fighting Bigotry with Delightful Posters when they saw the anti-Muslim posters on the buses. They claimed that the posters added furth insult to injury because the aesthetics were not close to attractive and poorly designed. They figured that if you're going to be bigoted, at least choose a better font.

The posters that they have designed are not only clever, but also use satire to bring home the point of how the anti-muslim ads forgot one particular point: that New York City is a melting pot of culture with people of all races and religions. An example of one of the posters reads,  “The Ugly Truth About Muslims,” which is mostly that they have “great frittata recipes". The duo created 144 posters that will be posted in 140 subway stations from next week were made for only $20,000,  and was raised through crowd funding. The minimum cost for hosting an ad on the NY subway is $15,000. 

Countering the hate through comedy, Obeidullah said that with this campaign, they hope that strangers will continue the conversation by uploading photos of the subway campaign to social media using the hashtag #Muslimsarecoming.



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