Louisiana bars contracts with firms boycotting Israel

Executive order signed by Louisiana governor specifically targets Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement

Louisiana bars contracts with firms boycotting Israel

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The governor of Louisiana state of the U.S. has signed an executive order, prohibiting the state government agencies from doing businesses with companies which boycott Israel and its settlements.

The executive order signed by John Bel Edwards particularly targets Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, which promoted a world-wide boycott against Israel. 

Since March 30, more than 115 Palestinians have been killed and thousands injured by Israeli gunfire during anti-occupation rallies along Gaza border. 

"Israel is America's closest ally in the Middle East and a beacon of democracy in the region," Edwards said in a statement announcing his executive order.

"The United States, and by affiliation Louisiana, have benefited in innumerable ways from our deep friendship with Israel. Any effort to boycott Israel is an affront to this longstanding relationship. I am pleased that Louisiana will join what is now a critical mass of states in supporting our closest ally," Edwards said.

According to the order, a company must certify in writing that it is not engaging in a boycott of Israel and will abstain from any boycott of Israel during its contract.

The existing contracts with companies boycotting Israel or supporting those who boycott will be terminated. 


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