New York police visit Brooklyn Mosque

Policemen were given a tour and information about Muslim prayer, whilst the Imam condemned the attacks in Paris.

New York police visit Brooklyn Mosque

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New York Police have visited a Brooklyn based Turkish mosque on the invitation of Kenan Taskent, the clergy for the New York Police 61 Precinct.

More than 10 police who are in the Brooklyn 61 Police Precinct, visited the Eyup Sultan Mosque. The Imam of the mosque, Ilyaz Gonen, gave a sermon both in Turkish and English, saying that the attacks in Paris were condemned by Muslims. Saying that they disapproved of the attacks, and that in reality this was an attack on Islam and Muslims, Gonen said, “Every statement that ties this action with Islam, is at least as damaging and results in negative consequences as well”.

Gonen continued, “This engineered perception is a trap, and our Muslim brotherhood and also to those who have mercy and compassion in the West need to be sensitive”. With many of the police officers visiting a mosque for the first time in their life, one of them Jack Shnayder said, “As we get to know Muslims, our apprehensiveness decreases. Invitations like this for us to visit carry great importance”.

After listening to the sermon, the police were given a separate section on the second level where they were given information about prayer and Muslim worship.

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