Stephen Hawking jumps on 'boycott Israel' bandwagon

World famous scientist Stephen Hawking has been dubbed "the poster boy of the academic boycott."

Stephen Hawking jumps on 'boycott Israel' bandwagon

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World famous scientist Stephen Hawking called on the world to boycott the Israeli president's conference at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in a letter which has gone viral, exposing the lies of the pro-Israel lobby which claimed he had withdrawn on health grounds.

In his letter, Hawking, who journalists have now budded "the poster boy of the academic boycott," said that if he had gone to the conference he would have criticized the Israeli policies towards the Palestinians.

The Guardian reported that a number of prominent singers, artists and writers, from Brian Eno to Mike Leigh, Alice Walker and Adrienne Rich, have all jumped on the 'Boycott Israel' bandwagon by publicly rejecting invitations to perform in the self-proclaimed Jewish state.

Hawking is by far the biggest academic name to date to express his concern over Israel's policy and it is feared that his decision could lead other scientists to speak out against Israel, which has in recent years faced an increasingly growing boycott campaign, particularly over its construction of illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank.

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Neil Harris
Neil Harris - 8 yıl Önce

Further proof that there is no correlation whatsoever between intelligence and morality.

Fadia Faraj
Fadia Faraj - 8 yıl Önce

Dear Mr. Hawkings, words can not describe the admiration I have for you!! I love you for so many reason but this one has got the be one of my personal ones!! By your heroic actions you have giving us ones that are giving up on humanity! You trigger a positive movement! You've giving voice for the voiceless! I hope may more will follow you!! May the Force be with :)))Love,Fadia

Bash ABDU - 8 yıl Önce

Thank you Dr. Hawking for being so mindful of illegal Israeli actions. BDS actions against Israeli atrocities are working and will succeed as they did in South Africa.