Taksim protesters split over NYT ad

Some of the Taksim Gezi Park protesters are discomforted by the Kemalism emphasis of the advertisement for the protests published in the NYT and Washington Post with the collected funding.

Taksim protesters split over NYT ad

World Bulletin / News Desk 

The organizers of the demonstrations which stated as an effort to prevent the construction of a mall in Gezi Park but turned into mass anti-government mass protests have gathered finding for full-page ads in the New York Times and the Washington Post.

However, some of the phrases in the text of the ad have caused a split between the protestors, as the activists claim that the Kemalism emphasis in the ads perverts the purpose of the demonstrations.

The actions and attitudes which the activists will take following their discomfort at the ad is a matter of speculation…

On the other hand, the funds for the ads were collected through a fundraising campaign over the internet. So far 90 thousand dollars have been gathered for the ads costing 55 thousand dollars. 

The ads are as follows:

Güncelleme Tarihi: 05 Haziran 2013, 17:09
A. Khan
A. Khan - 10 yıl Önce

Who paid for these adds? These adds are foreign funded. Those millions these adds are talking about will get their chance at the next elections. In the meantime the government should try hard to find out the foreign hands behind these protests. The US has to prove that it was not them or their proxy behind the scene.

Alper - 10 yıl Önce

The ad has been funded through the USD88,601 contributed by 2,272 individuals concerned about the government's repression on and brutality against mostly peacefully protesting individuals from all walks of life. May be the news is not referring to this version. If not, than I had difficulting finding any noticeable sign of Kemalism (which is not really a bad thing unless taken to extreme) in text.