Trump pulling ahead as US election enters final hours

Trump leading with 238 - 215 electoral votes; Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin still in play

Trump pulling ahead as US election enters final hours

World Bulletin / News Desk

Republican nominee Donald Trump is leading Democratic challenger Hillary Clinton heading into the early morning hours Wednesday.

He is now up 238 to 215 electoral college votes as he inches closer to the White House, but Clinton is not out of the race just yet with 84 electors still in play.

Still, Trump’s successes come as a surprise to many who saw a Clinton victory as all but assured heading into Election Day.

Coming off a loss in North Carolina, which was thought to be relatively secure for the Democratic nominee, Clinton will now have to work to shore up her chances with victories in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan and Wisconsin.

The states combine for more than half of the remaining electors. 

To be sure, this race has been one of the most divisive in recent history with partisans on either side viewing the race as an existential imperative.

Earlier Tuesday, Anadolu Agency spoke with voters in Washington, DC, Virginia and New York to gauge the electorate. 

Clinton is "the enemy of the American people," said Ron Kokinda, a 67-year-old Virginia resident who did not disclose his ballot choice.

"I voted Hillary just because I want Trump to be embarrassed,” said Adam Brooks, who spoke to Anadolu Agency at Public School 59 in Manhattan where Trump voted earlier in the day.

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