Trump says Muslims should report they did

Twitter heats up after Trump said that Muslims "should report stuff", so they did.

Trump says Muslims should report they did

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Not letting Trump get away with his abrasive and Islamophobic comments, Muslims on Twitter around the world have reported all kinds of messages to follow through Trump's campaign. 

During his debate on Sunday Donald Trump said that  his proposal to ban Muslims from entering the country has “morphed” into a plan for “extreme vetting” of refugees.

Trump said he was worried that refugees from country like Syria could be a “Trojan horse.” Democrat Hillary Clinton denounced Trump and defended bringing refugees to the United States.

“We are a country founded on religious freedom and liberty. How do we do what [Trump] has advocated without causing great distress within our country?” she said. “Are we going to have religious tests when people fly into our country?”

Asked about the issue of Islamophobia, Trump said that while it is an issue, he said Muslims who come into the country must “report when they see something going on.”

The FBI says Muslims did exactly that. This summer, the FBI’s director said “some of our most productive relationships are with people who see things and tell us things who happen to be Muslim,” according to Reuters.

In response to his suggestion, Muslims lighted up Twitter.


Source: The Washington Post


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