'Trump's actions don't reflect America we know'

London Mayor Sadiq Khan says Turkish community helped make London greatest city in the world

'Trump's actions don't reflect America we know'

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Some of the things the U.S. President Donald Trump has said and done “don’t reflect the America we know,” London Mayor Sadiq Khan said.

Re-tweeting anti-Muslim tweets from a far-right group, Britain First, was a "wrong thing to do" for U.S. President Donald Trump and “he should have apologized for doing so,” Khan said.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency before an iftar (fast-breaking) dinner organized by the Turkish community at the Aziziye Mosque in North London, Khan said the U.S. President should see for himself the diversity in London, which is a “strength.”

Khan said: “The USA and the UK have always had a special relationship. We welcome Americans. We welcome American culture, American people, the contribution they make to London. But I am afraid, some of the things the American president has said and done don’t reflect the America we know.”

“I think the idea of retweeting a tweet from a far-right British group, British [sic] First, which is a racist group, to seeking to divide community, I think, was not the right thing for President Trump to do,” he said.

“I think he should have apologized for doing so”.

On Nov. 29, U.S. President Donald Trump’s official Twitter account retweeted three anti-Muslim videos from the account of Jayda Fransen, the deputy leader of Britain First.

Khan said that Trump “also gives an impression that it is not possible to be a Muslim and a Westerner.”

“He [Trump] gives the impression of, somehow, being a Muslim, following the faith of Islam is inconsistent with Western values.

“I think he is wrong. Here in London, we see people who are proud Londoners and proud Muslims.

“In America we see examples of people of proud Americans and proud Muslims. I think , if he does come to London, he sees for himself that diversity is a strength not a weakness.”


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