Trump's first year a failure but base cheer performance

Supporters not deterred by president’s antics, performance

Trump's first year a failure but base cheer performance

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After one year in office, President Donald Trump is polling with historically low numbers with most Americans assessing his presidency as a failure.

The new numbers released Thursday in two polls show just 37 percent of respondents approve of the job the president has done while in one survey, nearly 60 percent disapprove.   

Anadolu Agency traveled from Dallas, Texas, to Atlanta, Georgia, to get the temperature of support for Trump one year after he took office.

Deep in the “Bible Belt” – where conservative Christian values tend to hold sway over social and political life, supporters of the president are generally positive about his performance and most have adopted at least one of his stances.

Throughout his campaign for the White House and beyond, Trump used attacks to dismiss “fake news” media outlets and reports he did not like.

Almost everyone was eager to talk to Anadolu Agency but when asked to speak on the record, reluctance set in -- joined by a general distrust of the media and what they said was the industry’s inability to be honest.

A gun store owner outside Jackson, Mississippi, was happy to talk but he did not want to be recorded.

That reluctance was not limited to the president’s supporters but extended to those who feared retribution if they voiced any opposition to Trump.

A black woman at a Christian bookstore in Alexander City, Alabama, was concerned about the president’s rhetoric regarding immigrants, minorities and thought his use of Twitter was “gross” but because of “where she lived”, was nervous about being on camera.

Just around the corner, a Methodist minister on the street declined to go on camera because he feared backlash from his congregation. He conceded a parting of the ways with Trump on policies and that he was constantly taken aback by how the president conducted himself with erratic tweets, threatening statements and passing off questionable facts as the truth.

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