Turkish-born Fiat Doblo to hit US roads

TOFAS is to receive 268 million Euros in additional investment to open to the US and Canada markets.

Turkish-born Fiat Doblo to hit US roads

The "Fiat Doblo" model motor vehicles manufactured in Turkey by TOFAS will be exported to the US and Canada with 268 million Euros worth of additional investment.

TOFAS, a Koc Holding company, manufactures light commercial vehicles and passenger cars for Italian brand Fiat.

The current Doblo model will be renewed for Turkish and other markets.

TOFAS statement said Tuesday that in the scope of the Doblo America project of the company, they plan to start producing cars from the second half of 2014 and predict that about 175 thousand cars will be exported between the years of 2014-2021.

Touchup workshops of the Doblo model will take place as the investment was targeted to be placed between 2013-2015 within the framework of Doblo America project.

TOFAS CEO Kamil Basaran spoke in regards to the project and said, there would be a 268 million Euros worth of investment in their factory in Turkey's northwestern province of Bursa.

TOFAS manufactured a total of 312,000 vehicles in 2010, or 28.5 percent of the automotive sector's total, to become Turkey's largest automobile and light commercial vehicle manufacturer.


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