US: 4 students injured in LA school shooting

12-year-old female suspect taken into custody

US: 4 students injured in LA school shooting

World Bulletin / News Desk

A 12-year-old female suspect has been taken into custody after a shooting at a Los Angeles middle school on Thursday that injured four students.

Gunfire rang out at Salvador Castro Middle School in the Westlake neighborhood as classes began. After police arrived they discovered a 15-year-old boy shot in the head. His injury was the most severe, but trauma surgeon Aaron Strumwasser told reporters the victim is expected to make a full recovery.

"I think he will do fine," Strumwasser said.

A girl, also 15, was shot in the wrist and three others, including a 30-year-old woman, suffered minor injuries.

Thursday's tragedy is an extremely rare instance in which a female suspect carried out a mass shooting. Most mass shooters tend to be male.

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