US allowing entry to fully vaccinated foreign travelers beginning Nov. 8

Vaccine mandate to apply to both land and air travel, spokesman Kevin Munoz says.

US allowing entry to fully vaccinated foreign travelers beginning Nov. 8

Fully vaccinated foreign travelers will be eligible to enter the US beginning Nov. 8, the White House announced on Friday.

Spokesman Kevin Munoz said the mandate will apply to both international land and air travel, adding on Twitter that the "policy is guided by public health," and is "stringent, and consistent."

The decision to bring the regulation into force for all travelers worldwide replaces what had been a confusing patchwork of policies that will now be dropped in preference for a uniform approach for all international travel.

The Biden administration announced on Sept. 20 it would lift COVID-19 travel bans initially imposed by former President Donald Trump starting in early November for fully vaccinated travelers, but did not specify an exact date.

Travel bans were originally imposed by the Trump administration in March 2020 when the pandemic entered full swing in the US. The regulations curtailed travel from some European countries and China before being expanded to include other nations, including South Africa and Brazil.

In addition to being fully vaccinated, foreign travelers will also have to show a negative test result taken within three days prior to their departure, the White House said last month.

Friday's announcement sent airline stocks soaring with American Airlines, Delta, and United Airlines all posting gains of over 1%.


Hüseyin Demir