US church shooter wore racist symbols at trial: FBI agent

The Emanuel A.M.E. Church killer put white supremacist symbols on footwear throughout the trials to determine whether he lives or dies, the FBI said.

US church shooter wore racist symbols at trial: FBI agent

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Convicted church shooter Dylann Roof has been wearing shoes inked with racist symbols to the sentencing phase of his trial for killing nine African-Americans, an FBI agent testified Friday.

Roof was convicted in December for 33 crimes related to the June 2015 killing of those worshipers at Emanuel A.M.E Church in downtown Charleston.

In this phase of the trial a jury will decide his fate: the death penalty or life in prison. Roof has confessed to the killings and said he has no remorse.

FBI Special Agent Joseph Hamski testified that he has seen Roof wear shoes adorned with racist symbols to court as recently as Monday and during previous portions of his trial, which began with jury selection in November.

Hamksi explained how symbols such as the Celtic cross and assorted runes -- angular, pre-Roman letters -- found drawn on Roof's shoes and also among confiscated jailhouse writings are popular with white supremacists.

Hamski outlined Roof's engagement with a white supremacist website in which Roof adopted the screen name "LilAryan" before committing his crimes.

As snippets of online conversations flashed on a screen, Hamski testified that Roof sought to meet other white supremacists in South Carolina and also offered opinions about the documentary film "Skinheads USA: Soldiers of the Race War."

Another conversation highlighted by Hamski revealed how Roof pitied white women who dated or married black men.

"Yes, they are race-traitors, but I don't have this hate for them that others seem to have," Roof wrote.

"I actually feel sorry for them when I see them out. Because I know they are probably getting beaten," he said.

Hamski then discussed photos found on Roof's cellphone, including one of him pointing a gun directly at a camera and another of dozens of bullets placed upright and arranged in the shape of a swastika.

The FBI agent also discussed the contents of a jailhouse manifesto written by Roof within six weeks of the church massacre, in which he disparages almost every race on the planet and suggests implementing a eugenics program for blacks.

Hamski was followed on the stand by Malcolm Graham, a former state senator from North Carolina and younger brother of shooting victim Cynthia Hurd.

Hurd was a longtime Charleston librarian and the matriarch of her family, always spurring her siblings and nieces to do their best, said Graham.

At an early age she became his "life coach," he said, and helped him have a successful tennis career in college and later win election to public office.

"When we found out she passed that night, I was at a total loss," said Graham. "My life is empty."

Graham added: "I'm living. I'm breathing. I'm fine. I'm fit. But there's something missing. I can't go to the store to replace it. I can't reinvent it. And so it's been tough."


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