US citizen's passport revoked, abandoned in Yemen

Rayman Hussein is believed to be one of up to 100 Americans of Yemeni origin who were forced to sign documents confessing to obtaining US citizenship by deceiftul means.

US citizen's passport revoked, abandoned in Yemen

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A report published on Tuesday has revealed that an American citizen on Yemeni origin has had his passport revoked under suspicious circumstances by a State Department investigator in the US embassy in Sana’a, Yemen.

Rayman Hussein, who came to the US with his family in 1993 at the age of 10, and became a US citizen two years later, was forced to sign a document declaring that he had obtained the passport with a false identity by a US State Department investigator while on a visit to Yemen in 2012.

During a routine visit to Yemen to see his wife, who also has US citizenship, Hussein came to the US embassy in Sana’a to apply for the citizenship of his newborn son. According to the news report in Al Jazeera, Hussein was then pulled into a room where he was interrogated for hours and told that his US passport would be confiscated if he didn’t sign the document.

Upon signing the document, however, Hussein’s passport was snatched from his hands and he was thrown out of the embassy. Not knowing what to do, Hussein attempted to contact the embassy to find out about his rights of appeal. The embassy simply replied to him saying that his passport was revoked due to his signing of the confession that he obtained it via deceitful means, without answering his questions about putting in an appeal.

Although the State Department’s internal guidelines state that “While the appropriate review is taking place, the applicant should be issued a limited one-year validity passport…or a three-month limited emergency photodigitization passport” if a case is forwarded to the United States Citizenship, Hussein received none of these rights.

Hussein, who is now stuck in Yemen trying to figure out how to get home to Oakland, California, told Al Jazeera “I grew up in Oakland, went to school in Oakland, and now I’m being treated like a complete stranger by my own government.”

He is believed to be one of up to 100 Yemeni-Americans who have also had their passports revoked under such circumstances, while one expert believes that many more cases may go unreported because the victims are afraid to come forward.

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