US colonel praises 'tremendous' Euphrates Shield

Spokesman for anti-ISIL coalition says that Turkey's security is 'absolutely essential'

US colonel praises 'tremendous' Euphrates Shield

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A senior U.S. military figure has described Turkey’s Operation Euphrates Shield in northern Syria as a “tremendous service” to the international coalition fighting ISIL.

Colonel John L. Dorrian, spokesman for the Combined Joint Task Force - Operation Inherent Resolve, U.S. Central Command was talking exclusively to Anadolu Agency in London this week.

Dorrian praised the Turkey-backed operation which has seen Free Syrian Army forces in the north of the country pushing extremist elements from Turkey’s southern border.

“Operation Euphrates Shield is a tremendous service to the international coalition,” Dorrian said, and added:

“It’s made the situation much more secure and put the enemy under a tremendous amount of pressure because what it has done is it’s isolated the enemy in Syria, where they have no longer the ability to reinforce or infiltrate into and out of Europe.”

Dorrian said the operation had also destroyed ISIL’s propaganda after the ancient town of Dabiq -- which ISIL previously said would see an “apocalyptic battle” -- was easily liberated by Turkish-backed forces.

The loss forced the extrem group to rename one of its main online propaganda magazines, previously called ‘Dabiq.’


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