US confirms downed Russian jet violated Turkish airspace

Evidence also shows aircraft was warned multiple times before being shot down, State Dept. says

US confirms downed Russian jet violated Turkish airspace

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A Russian jet was shut down only after it violated Turkish airspace and was warned on multiple occiasions, the U.S. confirmed Monday. 

"The available information including evidence from Turkey and our own sources indicate that the Russian aircraft violated Turkish airspace," said State Department spokeswoman Elizabeth Trudeau. "We also know that the Turks warned Russian pilots multiple times before the airspace violation to which Turks received no response."

Trudeau reiterated the U.S.’s "support [for] Turkey’s right to defend its territory," and that the two countries should de-escalate tensions about the incident. 

U.S.-led coalition spokesman Col. Steve Warren also confirmed Turkey’s warnings to the Russian pilots and the lack of response from the approaching aircraft. He based the findings on audio from radar radios at coalition headquarters.

The Russian SU-24 bomber was downed by Turkey last week after it violated Turkish airspace above southern Hatay province along the border with Syria. 

One Russian pilot was killed during the incident while another was rescued by Russian special forces. 

Although Turkey provided radar of the planes as evidence of Russia’s intrusion into its territory, Moscow has insisted that SU-24 did not cross the border. 

NATO also confirmed last week that Turkish evidence corroborates with findings of the alliance. 

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