US Congress delays aid to Syrian rebels

US Congress has delayed the plan to send weapons to revolutionary forces fighting against Assad because of fears that the arms might end up in the hands of some groups.

US Congress delays aid to Syrian rebels
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United States is holding up the arms aid to Syrian revolutionary forces fighting against Bashar al-Assad despite the decision taken nearly a month ago.

President Barack Obama's administration had announced to provide arms to Syrian opposition side by declining to give details about the military assistance for the rebels following its announcement.

The US also planned to send small arms and ammunition on the contrary to heavy weapon dreams of Syria's rebels.

Congress thinks different

However, US Congress has been delaying the plan to send weapons because of fears that the arms might end up in the hands of Al Qaida.

Democrats and Republicans on the committees worry that weapons could reach terrorist organization because many of the rebel fighters are militants with pro-al Qaida sympathies, the same stripe of militants America battled in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The other reason is the unclearness of the Obama administration to the members of the Congress about the arms aid. Committee members also want to hear more about the administration's overall Syria policy.

Obama administration trying to persuade

Although the White House has similar concerns, it has been trying to persuade the Congress on the arms aid is "essential."

Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State John Kerry are among the names who hold talks with House of Representatives and US Senate for explaining away the concerns.

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