US: Deal reached to avert gov't shutdown, reports say

Bipartisan agreement makes a Friday shutdown unlikely

US: Deal reached to avert gov't shutdown, reports say

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 Republicans and Democrats have agreed to a $1-trillion-plus budget to keep government agencies funded through September, senior aides told U.S. media late Sunday.

The draft budget rejects President Donald Trump's much-vaunted border wall, while giving him $15 billion to boost military spending and $1.5 billion for other border security measures, the aides who requested anonymity told the Associated Press.

The draft further adds $2 billion to the budget of the National Institutes of Health, a federal agency focusing on medical research, while loose ends remain on policy issues of lesser significance, the aides said.

Congress passed a stop-gap bill Friday to fund the government for another week, in a bid to buy time for a bipartisan agreement.

Democratic votes are needed despite Republican control over both the House of Representatives and the Senate, as well as the White House.

The reported deal makes a shutdown scenario unlikely.


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