US lawmakers defend Muslim colleague's intel post

“Carson’s historic appointment brings new perspectives," says House Minority leader

US lawmakers defend Muslim colleague's intel post
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 Congressional Democrats defended the appointment of the first Muslim to the House Intelligence Committee following bitter criticism of the move.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi this week appointed Andre Carson of Indiana to the House Intelligence Committee, prompting a deluge of criticism on social media.

“Dem leader says, SCREW YOU AMERICA... AND FRANCE..and appoints @RepAndreCarson, MUSLIM DEMOCRAT to Intel Committee,” read one tweet from @PeteWadeIndy, a self-described “Tea party member recovering from @GOP.”

The Republican Party is also known as the GOP, or Grand Old Party.

 “It fired up the tea party, that’s for sure,” Carson said Wednesday.

Pelosi said Wednesday that Carson, who is the only member of Congress to have served on the Department of Homeland Security’s Fusion Centers, brings unique skills to the post.

Fusion centers combine resources of at least two state agencies to more effectively detect, investigate and respond to terrorist activities.

“Carson’s historic appointment brings new perspectives, practical experience, strong leadership, and proven dedication to fighting terrorism and protecting our country,” she said in a statement.

Carson also serves on the House Armed Services Committee.

Rep. Joe Crowley, vice chairman of the Democratic Caucus, said in a letter to Democratic and Republican lawmakers that the comments “deeply offend” him “as I’m sure they offend all of you, which is why I hope all of us will take every opportunity to renounce these kinds of comments and discourage this kind of harmful talk.”

“We will never be able to grow as a society if we allow this kind of hatred and division to go unchecked,” he said.


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