US lifts 'laptop ban' for Saudi Arabia

Saudia last airliner to have restrictions lifted after US issued new security protocols last month

US lifts 'laptop ban' for Saudi Arabia

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The Trump administration on Monday lifted restrictions on airline passengers coming to the U.S. from Saudi Arabia that prohibited them from carrying electronic devices larger than a cellphone on to the aircraft.

Saudi Arabia Airlines, also known as Saudia, was the last airliner still facing the restrictions the Trump administration imposed in March.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced that Saudia and its home airport, Jeddah International, "have implemented the required initial enhanced security measures" to have the restrictions lifted.

"Travelers from Jeddah are now allowed to bring devices in the cabin of US bound flights," the agency wrote on Twitter.

Saudia was the last of nine airliners that had the restrictions lifted after the Department of Homeland Security announced new security requirements late last month it said were aimed at preventing terrorists from smuggling explosives concealed in electronic devices on board.

Approximately 280 airports in 105 countries were affected by the tougher security measures, along with 180 foreign and U.S. airlines.

Saudia said in a statement it expected the electronics ban to be fully lifted by Wednesday.

Royal Air Maroc and Casablanca International Airport had the restrictions lifted Thursday.

Kuwait Airlines and Royal Jordanian each had the "laptop ban" removed July 9.

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