US planned major cyberattack on Iran if talks failed

In the case of the failure of the peace talks with Iran, the US had devised a cyberattack back up plan to severely cripple the electricity grid and also target Iran's air defenses

US planned major cyberattack on Iran if talks failed

World Bulletin / News Desk

A report in the New York Time suggested that the US had developed an “elaborate plan” for an extensive cyberattack against Iran in case the nuclear talks failed.

Code-named Nitro Zeus, the cyberattack plan was intended as an “alternative” to target Iran's air defenses, communications systems as well as crucial segments of its electrical power grid.

The scheme was put on hold as a result of the nuclear accord struck between Iran and the P5+1 group last summer.

The planning for Nitro Zeus involved thousands of US military and intelligence personnel and tens of millions of dollars to implant electronic devices in Iranian computer networks to “prepare the battlefield according to the NYT.

The existence of the  Nitro Zeus plan was revealed during reporting on “Zero Days,” a documentary that will be debuted at the Berlin Film Festival on Wednesday, the report added.


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