U.S. reaffirms commitment to Iran talks

Secretary of State John Kerry will tell U.S. lawmakers it would be a mistake for Congress to impose new sanctions on Iran now amid talks with Tehran over its nuclear program

U.S. reaffirms commitment to Iran talks

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Following protracted negotiations in Geneva that failed to produce a deal between Iran and world powers over the former’s nuclear program, Obama administration officials Tuesday reaffirmed the US’ commitment to diplomacy.

“The American people do not want a march to war,” cautioned White House Press Secretary Jay Carney while speaking to the press.

“Resolving this diplomatically is the best way to resolve it. It is the responsibility of the president to pursue a diplomatic opening, because the best way to ensure that Iran does not acquire a nuclear weapon is to achieve an agreement through diplomacy, an agreement that's verifiable, that's transparent and that requires Iran to take concrete steps,” added Carney.

Kerry to push diplomacy on Capitol Hill

US Secretary of State John Kerry will go to Congress Wednesday to meet with the Senate Banking Committee to brief lawmakers in a closed-door session on the ongoing negotiations with Iran, and to caution against imposing new sanctions on Iran.

“Obviously, the secretary will lay out where we are in the negotiations. He'll lay out what our principles are and what our greatest concerns are,” said Psaki.

She added, “We anticipate and expect that there will be questions raised about sanctions, given those are public comments that have been made by some members of Congress, and he is more than happy to address that and lay out the reasons why he does not think they should put new sanctions in place at this time.”

Psaki added that Kerry will tell members of Congress that new sanctions would be a “mistake”.

The Obama administration has, on several occasions, called on Congress to refrain from imposing new sanctions on Tehran to allow negotiators more flexibility.

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