U.S. threatens aid cut if Hamas-PLO form government- UPDATED

The United States said it was let down by a unity pact agreed and added it could make peace efforts difficult.

U.S. threatens aid cut if Hamas-PLO form government- UPDATED

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The United States would have to reconsider its assistance to the Palestinians if Hamas and the Palestinian Liberation Organization form a government together, a senior U.S. administration official said on Thursday.

"Any Palestinian government must unambiguously and explicitly commit to nonviolence, recognition of the state of Israel, and acceptance of previous agreements and obligations between the parties," the official said, speaking to Reuters on condition of anonymity.

"If a new Palestinian government is formed, we will assess it based on its adherence to the stipulations above, its policies and actions, and will determine any implications for our assistance based on U.S. law," the official said.

The Gaza-based Hamas and President Mahmoud Abbas's PLO announced a unity pact on Wednesday, deepening a crisis in U.S.-brokered peace talks with Israel.

The move, coming after a long line of failed efforts to reconcile after seven years of internal bickering, envisions a unity government within five weeks and national elections six months later.

However, providing U.S. aid to a unity government that includes Hamas would be assistance to a group the United States lists as a terrorist organization.

Both the United States and Israel greeted the announcement of the unity pact with dismay. Israel canceled a session of talks with the Palestinians that had been scheduled for Wednesday and the State Department said the move could derail peace efforts.

"We are following reports of Palestinian reconciliation efforts," the U.S. official who spoke on Thursday said.

"We have been clear about the principles that must guide a Palestinian government in order for it to play a constructive role in achieving peace and building an independent Palestinian state."

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who had warned Abbas against pursuing reconciliation with Hamas, convened his security cabinet to discuss Israel's next moves.

Asked whether the reconciliation moves would incur promised U.S. sanctions, PLO Deputy Secretary Yasser Abed Rabo told Palestinian radio it was too soon to penalise a government that had yet to be formed.

"There's no need for the Americans to get ahead of themselves over this. What happened in Gaza in the last two days is just a first step which we welcome and want to reinforce," he said.

"But this step shouldn't be exaggerated, that an agreement for reconciliation has been completely reached... We need to watch the behaviour of Hamas on many details during the coming days and weeks on forming a government and other things."


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Rudy Haugeneder
Rudy Haugeneder - 7 yıl Before

The Haaretz analysis -- "Palestinian reconciliation is an opportunity for Israel" -- of the Palestinian reconciliation is the best piece of political journalism for a long time. Bravo. Hopefully peace may finally be realized. Bravo. Find it, read it, and learn.