US Vice President to visit Brussels, Munich

Mike Pence will visit Brussels and Munich this month in his first foreign visit overseas

US Vice President to visit Brussels, Munich

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US Vice President Mike Pence's first foreign visit will be to Brussels and a security conference in Munich later month, the White House said Thursday, a step designed to ease jitters about the health of the trans-Atlantic relationship.

After Pence met German foreign minister Sigmar Gabriel, the White House said the Vice President "plans to attend the Munich Security Conference and visit Brussels later this month."

"He will engage with European Allies and partners about how to deepen and strengthen the trans-Atlantic alliance."

Trump's election has thrown a 75-year old alliance into deep crisis.

His apparent disdain for NATO and the European Union, and his apparent willingness to engage with Russia have caused something close to panic in European capitals.

For decades US military power has underpinned European security. Trump has indicated that the relationship has to be more of a two-way street.

European diplomats have expressed hope that the appointments of Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State and James Mattis as Secretary of Defense will moderate Trump's support for nationalists and populist movements on the continent.


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