White House exhibits 'Armenian orphan rug'

White House exhibits the “Armenian orphan rug” regarded as a symbol of so-called Armenian genocide

White House exhibits 'Armenian orphan rug'

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On 18-23 November, in the White House Visitor Center, “Ghazir rug”, claimed as a symbol for so-called Armenian genocide, is being exhibited White House reported. One of the White House Security Conseil secretaries Bernadette Meehan explained that the exibition titled “Thank You to the United States: Three Gifts to Presidents in Gratitude for American Generosity Abroad”, which runs from November 18 through 23 at the White House Visitor Center, will be hold.

“Gazir rug”, regarding as a symbol for so-called “Aremian genocide”, will be among the gifts Meehan said. “The rug, also known as 'Armenian orphan rug', was given to President Calvin Coolidge in 1925, in order to be recognized the humanitarian help for Armenian orphans displaced by Americans.” added Meehan.

Meehan has given some information about the rug, measures 3,5x5,8 metres, on which a depiction may represent the Garden of Eden, and told that it includes 4 million tie knots weaved for 18 months. It is now in good condition.

“After his presidency, Calvin Coolidge took the rug away as part of his staff but in 1982 his family gave it back to White House as a donation. The rug has exhibited only two times since that time and become a symbol of close relationships between the people of Armenia and the United States.”, Meehan specified.

The exhibition also includes a French vase, a present for US president Hoover, and the flowers wihtin a lucid plastics was sent by Japans after 2010 earthquake and tsunami disasters.


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