White House shuns Cabinet nominee's advice on Ukraine

White House spokesperson says any decision to provide lethal military help to Ukraine will be made by Obama.

White House shuns Cabinet nominee's advice on Ukraine


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The U.S. president will decide whether or not to provide arms to Ukraine, the White House said Wednesday.

The comments by White House spokesman Josh Earnest came after Defense Secretary nominee Ashton Carter said during his Senate confirmation hearings earlier in the day that he was inclined to provide lethal military assistance to Ukraine to help the country defend its territory. 

"I noticed that Dr. Carter mentioned in his hearing is that he's a strong believer in the chain of command, and he certainly understands that the commander in chief is at the top of that chain of command, and that a decision like this will be made by the commander in chief," said Earnest. 

"The president will certainly take that advice into account," Earnest said. "We've made clear that an effort to try to bring the Ukrainian military on par with the Russian military is unrealistic."

"Russian military, we're talking about one of the largest militaries on Earth," Earnest added. 

That's why, he said, the only way to resolve the crisis in Ukraine is diplomatic negotiation and the U.S.’s strategy has been focused on applying pressure to Russia to try to compel pro-Russian separatists to come to the negotiating table.

He said the White House is not inclined to change that strategy.  


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