WP calls on Obama to break ties with Mubarak

Prominent US paper criticized Obama administration's stand towards Egyptian people's demands

WP calls on Obama to break ties with Mubarak

World Bulletin/News Desk

The Washington Post has called on Obama to break ties with Mubarak. The editorial calls on the White House to use its considerable influence over the Egyptian president to bring about a peaceful transition of power.

"Rather than calling on an intransigent ruler to implement 'reforms', the administration should be attempting to prepare for the peaceful implementation of the opposition platform. It should be reaching out to Mr ElBaradei - who Friday night was reported to be under house arrest - and other mainstream opposition leaders. And it should be telling the Egyptian army, with no qualification, that the violent suppression of the uprising will rupture its relationship with the United States." the US paper editorial said.

The whole article can be seen here

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