125 Turks Killed in Iraq so Far

Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul revealed that 125 Turks have been killed in Iraq.

125 Turks Killed in Iraq so Far

Deputies were given information on Turkish losses in Iraq as part of a notice entitled "Our Foreign Policy Entering 2007," handed out during the budget deliberations.

Out of 91 Turks abducted, eight are still being held captive. Thirty one Turkish citizens have gone missing since their entry into Iraq and have not been heard from since.

In the meantime, Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliki is in Turkey today to realize his postponed visit.

Maliki, who is coming as the guest of Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan, will also going to be received by President Ahmet Necdet Sezer.

The latest developments in Iraq, the struggle against the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and the situation in Kirkuk are expected to be the main issues discussed.

Maliki's visit, initially planned to take place on Oct. 16, had been postponed because of a sandstorm in Baghdad.

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