14 Palestinians wounded in Israeli air raid

After the cesasefire with Hezbollah Israeli soldiers returned to Gaza Strip and aircrafts bombardmented Jabalia at dawn. According to local witnesses air raid wounded 14 Palestinians, including one child.

14 Palestinians wounded in Israeli air raid

An Israeli air raid at dawn Tuesday flattened a two-story civilian building in Jabalia to the north of the Gaza Strip and damaging nearby homes wounding 14 Palestinians, including a child, according to local witnesses.

They said that the bombardment shattered the wind glasses of nearby buildings and spread panic in lines of children and women.

The IOF command claimed that the targeted house was one of the Islamic Jihad Movement's headquarters in the northern Gaza Strip area.

Owner of the house Sa'eed Joda said that he received a phone call from the IOF command asking him to evacuate his home prior to shelling it, which became a new Israeli policy in targeting Palestinian civilian buildings in the Strip.

In a similar raid today, Israeli warplanes three hours after targeting the Jabalia house returned and shelled another building in Beit Hanun.

Locals reported that Israeli F-16 warplane fired three missiles at the Nasser Salahuddin Brigades' activist Hussein Abu Oda completely destroying it and damaging nearby houses. Abu Oda said that a phone call asking him to evacuate his home one hour before the raid.

For its part, the Quds Brigades, armed wing of the Islamic Jihad, declared responsibility for firing two Quds-2 missiles at the Nahal Oz settlement east of the Gaza Strip, and said the missile attack was in retaliation to the IOF massacres in lines of the Palestinian people in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.


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