4 gunmen steal $1.9 million at Sarajevo airport

Four men wearing police uniforms and armed with automatic weapons stormed Sarajevo international airport's cargo zone and stole $1.9 million, the district attorney's office said Thursday.

4 gunmen steal $1.9 million at Sarajevo airport
A police officer guarding the four bags of money before they were to be transferred to a bank was held at gunpoint while the thieves loaded the cash into a car and drove away on Wednesday afternoon, local media reported.

The money belonged to ABS Bank, a member of the Austrian Erste Bank Group.

The getaway vehicle and the automatic weapons were later found burned at an abandoned military base near the capital. The Sarajevo fire brigade said it had trouble extinguishing the fire, as the flames had caused rounds to be fired from inside the vehicle.

Aida Catovic, of the district attorney's office, said she could give no further details while the investigation continued. The airport was sealed off until late Wednesday.


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