4 ministers resign in Somalia

Four Somali Cabinet ministers have resigned less than 24 hours after they were appointed.

4 ministers resign in Somalia
They said their clan is not adequately represented in the new prime minister's government.

The resignations late Monday are a blow to Prime Minister Nur Hassan Hussein, who took office last month.

"We feel that there is scorn against our clan, which violates the power-sharing system our government is based on," said Hassan Mohamed Nur, who resigned as minister of national security. He and the other ministers who resigned are members of the Rahanwein clan, one of Somalia's four major clans.

Somalia's transitional charter, established 2004, requires the equal representation of the four main clans and a minor one in government. The prime minister was careful to ensure the clans were represented in appropriate numbers, but some lawmakers were disappointed they did not get key posts.

Government officials were not immediately available for comment on the resignations.


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