40% of British pupils failing in reading, writing, numeracy

Four in 10 British children left primary school this summer without a solid grounding in all of English, maths and sciences, according to a report of the Daily Telegraph on Saturday.

40% of British pupils failing in reading, writing, numeracy
Up to 240,000 pupils are failing to reach the expected levels in reading, writing and numeracy at the age of 11, the report said.

School-by-school league tables being published by the government on Thursday will give results of English, maths and science tests by 600,000 pupils in England this year.

The provisional results show the number reaching the required standard in English -- reading and writing combined -- rose from 79 percent in 2006 to 80 percent this year, the paper said.

Maths increased from 76 percent to 77 percent, while in science 88 percent of pupils hit the benchmark -- up from 87 percent last year.

However, a little over half of pupils did well in all subjects, it said. Only 60 percent gained the level expected in reading, writing and moths combined -- the same number as last year, the paper said.

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