7th Turkic World Economy, Informatics and Culture Forum

President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) Mehmet Ali Talat said Tuesday that Russia supports the Greek Cypriot administration and this reality causes sorrow among Turkish Cypriots.

7th Turkic World Economy, Informatics and Culture Forum
In a speech delivered at the inauguration of a gathering titled "7th Turkic World Economy, Informatics and Culture Forum" at the Near East University in Lefkosa, Talat made a call to the Turkic World to help the TRNC change Russia's attitude on Cyprus.

"The current forum is important for the TRNC. TRNC faces international isolations. The Turkic World can help in ending the international isolations of the TRNC," Talat noted.

Touching on the visit made by Russian FM Sergey Lavrov to the Greek Cyprus, Talat indicated that an invitation was sent to Lavrov to visit the TRNC. "While Lavrov initially looked at our invitation positively, he later changed his opinion and did not visit the TRNC," Talat remarked.

"We do receive support from the Turkic World to some extent. However, we wish to see more support from them," Talat indicated.

Following the inauguration speeches, an exhibition consisting of paintings by Turkic painters was opened at the Grand Library of the Near East University.


Güncelleme Tarihi: 11 Aralık 2007, 14:54