8 suspected Taliban slain in Afghanistan

Suspected Taliban militants attacked a checkpoint manned by Afghan troops, leaving eight militants and five Afghan troops dead, officials said Saturday.

8 suspected Taliban slain in Afghanistan

Afghan troops had been manning a checkpoint in the southern province of Uruzgan when a large group of militants attacked their compound Thursday, the statement from the U.S.-led coalition said.

"Afghan security guards aggressively fought off the attacking Taliban force in a pitched battle, killing eight Taliban fighters during a six-hour fire fight," it said. The incident could not be independently verified due to the area's remoteness.

Five Afghan troops were killed and one was wounded in the clash,        NATO's International Security Assistance force said in a statement. The U.S.-led coalition said that one Afghan guard was killed and another was wounded. The reason for the difference in the two counts could not be immediately explained.

Separately, coalition and Afghan troops in southern        Afghanistan detained a suspected local Taliban leader on Friday who had reportedly been involved in a March 9 assassination attempt against a powerful tribal elder in Kandahar province, a coalition statement said.

The militant, who was not named, was arrested along with two other men in the Kandahar province village of Maranjan, the statement said.

A roadside blast on March 9 wounded Mullah Naqib, the head of the influential Alakozai tribe in Kandahar province, the coalition said.

Naqib, who heads one of the biggest tribes in southern Afghanistan, was attacked in his personal armored vehicle in Kandahar's Arghandab district.


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