8.2 mln more Nigerian orphans due to AIDS by 2010

The HIV and AIDS pandemic will turn 8.2 million Nigerian children into orphans by 2010, Women Affairs Minister Saudatu Bungudu warned Wednesday in Abuja.

8.2 mln more Nigerian orphans due to AIDS by 2010

"These statistics remind us that millions of our children remain vulnerable to poverty, preventable diseases as well as physical and sexual abuse," she said.

"Other associated problems would be child trafficking and the lack of educational opportunities," Bungudu said.

She said the ministry was collaborating with its health counterpart to protect vulnerable children from diseases.

The minister said there was the need for the Nigerian government to make special health care arrangements for women and for vulnerable children.

She said the Ministry of Women Affairs, in conjunction with relevant stakeholders, conducted surveys on situation analyses and assessment of orphans and vulnerable children and that the result served as basis for further actions to protect such children.

Bungudu said actions to be taken would include the development of advocacy plans for resource mobilisation and support for the implementation of intervention programmes for the affected children.


Güncelleme Tarihi: 22 Şubat 2008, 12:05