A building collapsed in Istanbul

An eight-floored building collapsed in Istanbul, Sirinevler.There are people under the rubble.

A building collapsed in Istanbul

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Around 6 pm with the Turkish time an eightfloored building in Istanbul Sirinevler is completely collapsed. It is reported that there are people under the rubble. In Mahmutbey the 7th street this building completely collapsed

A great effort to survive

A lot of firefighters, police officers and ambulances were sent to the area and still the rescue teams are working to save the ones under the rubble alive. The buildings around the collapsed building are emptied by the rescue teams and officials.More help is needed in the region. The reason why the building collapsed is unknown. It is reported that sounds are coming from the rubble.
Güncelleme Tarihi: 26 Nisan 2007, 19:01