A Small Guantanamo in Northern Iraq

Despite the efforts of civil society organizations to the Turkish territory in northern Iraq to release civilian detainees Turkish administration of the territory still retain three Turks in prisons without charges and clear them.

A Small Guantanamo in Northern Iraq

M.Hadin ÖNER / World Bulletin

The Peshmergas forces of the Iraqi Kurdish leader Massoud Barzani hadarrested Turkish journalist Mustafa Egeli in the month of June, then Turkishactivists in the field of human rights, namely Metin Demir and M.Hasib Yokuþ officialsof the Association of Free Thought and Education Rights active in the defenseof freedoms, human rights in Turkey.

And on this issue, said one of the officials of the defense of theoppressed lawyer Mustafa Ercan that all efforts to date for the release ofthese abductees or fair trial have failed.

Ercan pointed out that the arrest of three Turkish citizens isqualitative and incompatible with the law, and he : " What can beinterpreted is the arrest of activists in the field of human rights, who wascrowned to northern Iraq to investigate the fate of the journalist Ercan onlybeen arrested when returning from there and from the gate before crossing theborder into Turkey and without any question or inquiry. But that can only bedescribed that northern Iraq has turned into small Guantanamo. "

It is noteworthy that the journalist, Mustafa Egeli was headed in one inJune of last year to northern Iraq for holding press with local governmentofficials there and follow up the current events in Iraq closely, incoordination with the Kurdistan Democratic Party, where the journalist and hiscompanions got permission from Mohamed Saleh Jumaa political adviser to MassoudBarzani, head of the local government territory in northern Iraq. It was thearrest of a number of colleagues of the press following their visit to northernIraq to fate of detained journalist.

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