Academics want Gül involvement in Kurdish issue

A group of nearly 100 academics and civil society leaders yesterday conveyed to President Abdullah Gül their wish to see him more actively involved in finding a solution to the Kurdish issue.

Academics want Gül involvement in Kurdish issue
The group in a letter addressing the president announced that they have "missed living in brotherhood." Among the group were some of the most well-known members of the Turkish intelligentsia, including such academics, journalists and authors as İonna Kuçuradi, Halil Berktay, Şerif Mardin, Murat Belge, Mete Tunçay, Ayşe Buğra, Fuat Keyman, Gençay Gürsoy, Baskın Oran, Jale Parla, Turgut Tarhanlı, Osman Kavala, Can Paker, Cengiz Aktar, İbrahim Betil, Oya Baydar, Şevket Pamuk, Tarık Ziya Ekinci and Zeynep Tanbay.

The letter recalled the government's earlier promises to find a solution to the Kurdish issue by means of dialogue and reason and shared the observation that mounting violence and nationalist sentiment were blocking rational searches for a peaceful solution. It also protested against a trial process under way to shut down the pro-Kurdish Democratic Society Party (DTP).

"The closure of the DTP would deepen the impasse and tension and deal a most severe blow to democracy at this crucial time when urgent economic, political and humane solutions [to the Kurdish question] should be sought," the group said.

At the heart of the Kurdish issue lies an understanding that rejects differences and that would like to see homogeneous and obedient citizens, while also condemning everyone who does not agree with this view, the group stated in its letter. The letter noted that the government was talking about the Kurdish question with US and EU officials, but avoiding talking to the directly involved party, the Kurds, which they said was an attitude that was "hurtful" and also "meriting of concern."

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