Action of one million believers

Indonesia's young Muslims are signing up for holy war against Israel, as tens of thousands of Muslims demonstrated nationwide on Sunday protesting the current Israeli atrocities against the Lebanese civilians, branding Israel and the United States the "re

Action of one million believers

At least 150 people signed a so-called "jihad register" today in a village north of Jakarta, volunteering to go to Lebanon and Gaza to fight along their brothers against the Israeli occupiers, according to The Associated Press.

But former chairman of the Islamic Youth Movement asserted that the number of those who volunteered to fight in Lebanon and Gaza is more than three-thousands.

However sources say that the young men might not be able to leave their hometowns as they don't have any money, guns, passports or leader.

Thousands of Muslims, men and women rallied in several Indonesian cities, protesting the ongoing Israeli offensive that has ruined many Lebanese towns and villages, especially in the South and killed over 900 people, mostly civilians, according to Mail&Guardian

In Jakarta, massive crowd marched peacefully from the city's main traffic circle to the United Nations office before they headed to the U.S. embassy, witnesses reported.

The protests dubbed the "action of one million believers", blocked the capital's main roads, with demonstrators carrying pamphlets some of which read: "Down with Israel", "Wiped out from the world's map" and "U.S. and Israel the real terrorists".

Amidhan, chairperson of the Indonesian Ulemas Council -- Indonesia's highest Muslim cleric group -- called for bringing Israel, responsible for the death of hundreds of innocent people in Lebanon and Gaza, to the International Court of Justice, for violating human rights.

"Israel have to be brought to the International Court of Justice because that country has killed many children and women," Amidhan told the crowd.

More protests were organised in Yogyakarta, central Java, and in the north Sumatra capital of Medan, with hundreds of participants chanting slogans denouncing the brutal and merciless Israeli attacks against Lebanon and Palestine.

Din Syamsuddin, chairperson of Indonesia's second-largest Islamic organisation, Muhammadiyah, led the Jakarta rally.

He said protesters would also march to the State Palace, near the U.S. embassy.

"This is a rally of a country that promotes peace and condemns any form of violence," The Jakarta Post quoted Syamsuddin as saying. He expects at least one million people to join the rally.

"The rally is to demonstrate our solidarity with our brothers in Palestine and Lebanon," he said. "The war must be stopped."

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