Admiral's diary stirs controversy

President Ahmet Necdet Sezer dismissed a report that linked him to a reported failed coup attempt against the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) in 2004.

Admiral's diary stirs controversy

President Ahmet Necdet Sezer dismissed a report that linkedhim to a reported failed coup attempt against the ruling Justice andDevelopment Party (AK Party) in 2004.

Sezer, in a statement on Friday said those parts of a diary believed tobelong to former Naval Forces Commander Adm. Özden Örnek that mentioned him didnot reflect the truth.

The diary, extensive excerpts of which were published in weekly magazineNokta's latest issue, revealed that the military attempted twice to topple theAK Party government of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoðan, which came to powerin 2002. Örnek denied on Thursday that he had such a diary. The diary, aspublished in Nokta, said the commanders met in February 2004 with Sezer at adinner at the presidential palace. Sezer told the commanders, including thethen-Chief of General Staff Gen. Hilmi Özkök, that he deliberately chose thepresidential palace for the dinner because he thought the commanders would loveto see this place since there are "those among you who expect to come here oneday."

Özden commented in his diary, according to Nokta, that Sezer lookedpessimistic about prospects to block the AK Party. "The president isusually against any military intervention, which is very natural of him sincehe is a jurist by profession and since he used to be the president of the Constitutional Court.

He always tried to slow us down with this identity of his. I saw him tonightfor the first time with a different stance. It was as if he had decided that itwas difficult for the country to get rid of those men [the prime minister andhis party]. For that reason he said, 'No one knows what will happen in a year'stime.' We had a great time that night," the diary read.

Former Parliament Speaker Ömer Ýzgi, who is also mentioned in the diary,described allegations that he was informed about the alleged coup plan in 2004as "absurd" and "insane."

Ýzgi, from the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), who allegedly called on thegenerals to "Do whatever it is you are going to do before the elections" in thereport, spoke to the press on Friday, referring to the information in Örnek'sdiary as "nonsense with no factual base."

Ýzgi said he will be taking legal action, adding "The news report says thesepeople struggled to stage a coup for three years. Let's imagine we accidentallymet them somewhere. Could it be possible that they would then explain all theseplans to me and I'd respond, 'Do it as fast as you can'? Does this make senseat all? This is foolish nonsense. No such thing ever happened."

Meanwhile, former Gendearmarie Commander and retired General Þener Eruygur,who currently heads the Kemalist Thought organization, responded to questionsfrom the press about allegations that he was involved in the plot for theplanned coup against the AK Party, saying he "did not want to talk about thesubject."

According to the report, Gendarmerie Commander Eruygur was one of the topgenerals to lead the failed coup.

Örnek is alleged to have written that the top commanders of the TSK weregoing to stage two separate coups to overthrow the ruling AK Party, which cameto power in November 2002 elections with an overwhelming majority, despiteopposition from Gen. Özkök.

The magazine was quoting excerpts from thousands of pages of the former NavyForces commander's diary. Admiral Örnek, who served as navy commander betweenAugust 2003 and August 2005, portrays himself as one of the masterminds of thefailed coup attempts in these excerpts.

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