Agreement reached on Nile water use

African countries that form the Nile basin have agreed to set up a commission governing the river's use, Kenya's water minister says.

Agreement reached on Nile water use

African countries that form the Nilebasin have agreed to set up acommission governing the river's use, Kenya'swater minister says.

The 6,695km river has been a source of conflict for decadesbetween the impoverished nations in its catchment area and Arab power Egypt,for which it is a lifeline.


On Wednesday, Mutua Katuku, Kenya's water minister, said:"We have agreed on most of the things on the Nile Basin Co-operativeFramework. We will be establishing a commission which will be able to regulatethe use of the waters of the Nile.


"If you are doing a major project within the Nile, you must informthe partners and if anyone has any problem with the project you want toinitiate, they can raise it with the commission then the issue will beresolved."

Contentious terms

Katuku said the 10 Nilebasin countries were yet to decide on the definitions of some contentiousterms, such as the meaning of "water security".

But he said he expected the co-operative framework would beready in a month's time.

Under a 1929 pact between Egyptand the UK,acting on behalf of its then east African colonies, downstream Egyptcan veto use of water higher up that it feels threatens levels.

This agreement has generated resentment and predictions offuture wars over the water of one of the world's biggest rivers.

The commission will replace the Nile Basin Initiative formedin 1999 by Burundi,Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt,Ethiopia,Kenya,Rwanda,Sudan,Tanzania,Ugandaand Eritrea.

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