Ahmadinejad: Capitalism tramples on free nations

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told reporters here Thursday in response to a question posed on how to face the enemies who plan to sow discord among Muslims.

Ahmadinejad: Capitalism tramples on free nations

The pillars of welfare benefited by some well-to-do countries have come from the havoc wrought on the sources of other nations and their security has come at the price of insecurity of other nations, the president told at a question-answer meeting of Syrian academic think-thanks and political features.

Responding to a question on forming a unified anti-Zionist front comprising Iran, Syria and other regional Muslim nations, President Ahmadinejad said that a unified frontline is shaping automatically because the whole world is in thirst of justice, and henceforth, the support for the oppressed Palestinian people is on rise.

President Ahmadinejad said "Every day, is the day of Qods", when asked by one of the attendants why Muslims mark a single day to commemorate the world Qods day, while the holy mosque is under destruction.

"Finding a solution to the Al-Qods problems lies in the establishment of justice throughout the world and we should transform the Qods issue into the main concern of world Muslims", the president said.

"The holy mosque aggression, is the hallmark of cruelty and injustice of today's materialistic system. An effort to release the Qods means an effort to establish justice," President Ahmadinejad continued.

During the meeting, secretary of Palestinian national front Ahmad Jebril thanked President Ahmadinejad for his valorous anti-Zionist stance and said that Islamic Ummah has never done any wrong to Jews, but the Europeans are blamed for their ill treatment of towards Jews and today, the advocates of the Zionist usurpers, have launched hue and cry because of your (Ahmadinejad's) true remarks.

President Ahmadinejad referred to Jebril as the Islamic world symbol plein with the energy which would burn the Zionist world into ashes if released.

Receiving an enthusiastic standing ovation from the audience, President Ahmadinejad concluded the meeting to attend a dinner banquet held in his honor.

Source: IRIB

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