AI Blasts Politicizing Palestinian Aid

Amnesty International lamented the daily suffering of the Palestinian people under a crippling Israeli siege.

AI Blasts Politicizing Palestinian Aid

"We urge you, as leaders of the European Union and important members of the international community, to use your utmost influence on all sides to immediately end the killings and attacks on civilians and to agree to human rights measures," read the letter posted on the international rights watchdog's website.

Irene Khan, AI's Secretary General, said the situation in the Palestinian territories was "very desperate" and the world was not paying enough attention.

"Assistance essential to fulfilling fundamental human rights must not be used as a bargaining tool to further political goals."

The cash-strapped Palestinian Authority has been practically bankrupt since its two biggest donors -- the United States and European Union -- suspended direct aid after the resistance group Hamas was voted to power in March.

Since then, tens of thousands of Palestinian civil servants have gone unpaid, greatly affecting the livelihood in the occupied Palestinian territories.

The letter coincides with the International Human Rights Day and comes ahead of a European Council meeting next week.



"The prognosis is of widespread violence, collapse of already failing Palestinian institutions and a worsening of the human rights and humanitarian crisis," said Khan.

Amnesty called for urgent address of the worsening situation in the occupied territories.

"We see a downward spiral of human rights abuses and entrenched impunity, sowing the seeds of a disaster with catastrophic consequences for ordinary people," Khan wrote.

"The prognosis is of widespread violence, collapse of already failing Palestinian institutions and a worsening of the human rights and humanitarian crisis."

The letter capped a week-long trip by an AI mission to assess the human rights situation in Israel and the occupied territories.

During a visit to the West Bank city of Al-Khalil (Hebron), Khan listened to Palestinian women about the calamities of living next to a Jewish settlement enclave.

She also paid a visit to Al-Athamna family which lost 13 family members in the Israeli onslaught against the northern Gaza Strip town of Beit Hanoun.

Khan blasted Israel's "deliberate and reckless shooting and artillery shelling or air strikes carried out in densely populated areas in the Gaza Strip."

In one of the deadliest strikes in six years, twenty Palestinian civilians, mostly women and children, were killed on Wednesday, November 8, when Israel shelled their homes in Beit Hanun.

The bombing drew international rebukes with calls for an immediate halt of the months-old Israeli onslaught, which has claimed the lives of more than 300 Palestinians since late June.

Israel has prevented Nobel Peace Prize laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who is heading a UN fact-finding mission into the Beit Hanoun massacre, from visiting the town.

Amnesty chief said that during her tour she was struck by the sense of despair and pessimism among Palestinians.

"Despair about the foreseeable future is fuelling violence and the radicalization of a predominantly young Palestinian population who see no prospects of a normal life."

The international rights advocacy group set out a list of recommendations for the EU to help reverse human rights' violations in the territories.

It stressed that any peace process must address the nonstop Israeli human rights abuses, including dismantling Jewish settlements and tearing down the separation wall.

Israel's some 700km-long separation wall is sneaking through the heart of the West Bank and Nablus, leaving larger swathes of its territory on the Israeli side.

After the International Court of Justice issued a landmark ruling branding the wall as illegal, the UN General Assembly asked Israel to tear it down and compensate the Palestinians affected.

AI's letter also proposed the deployment of international human rights monitors to report publicly and suggest corrective measures.

Source: islamonline

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