Air-Pollution Warning

Higher-than-average temperatures worldwide have unleashed chronic air pollution.

Air-Pollution Warning

Recalling that 5,500 people died in London in 1952 from this type of pollution, experts are calling on residents to take precautions.

Smog is formed by cold, heavy air just above ground level that cannot rise due to a lighter, warmer layer air above.

Because there is no wind, the amount of hazardous substances in the layer of cold air increases.

If this situation persists, poisonous gases coming from various places such as radiators smoke stacks accumulate in the layers of air that are close to the ground, having a lethal effect on those with heart, circulatory and respiratory diseases.

Prof. Mikdat Kadioglu from Istanbul University warned people against going out in this deceptively balmy yet unhealthy air and said that heating systems and exhaust gasses added to the pollution.

"Don't go out unless you really have to," he warned. "Use mass transportation instead."

Prof. Bulent Tutluoglu from the Pulmonary Diseases Department of Cerrahpasa Medical School said that breathing difficulties, headaches and nausea could be suffered because of the smog: "Those with chronicle diseases and children should never go out. There are formations resembling hair in the upper respiratory tract that trap inhaled irritants. These formations are negatively affected when the air pollution reaches such threatening levels. Smokers with chronicle lung diseases suffer much in this type of weather."

He added that outside sports should be avoided and those inside their homes should avoid opening their windows in heavy smog conditions.

Dr. Mustafa Yildirim, regional director of the Istanbul meteorological office, warned people against going out in the morning and evening when smog was at its densest. "People should go out around mid-day when the heat of the ground equals that of the air," he said.

WHO Takes Precautions

When hazardous substances in the air exceed the acceptable limits of the World Health Organization (WHO), certain measures are taken under the smog alarm.

When the smog alarm is given, people may be asked not to use their vehicles or consume any sort of fuel, and the filters in factory chimneys undergo strict controls, or in worse cases factory works are suspended.

Smog Affects Daily Life

In the Ruhr region of Germany, schools and official institutions were closed for three days in January 1985 because of smog.

In Tehran, the capital of Iran, 1,600 people were hospitalized on Dec.6, 2005 and all schools and official institutions in the city were closed for two days.

Approximately 5,500 people died in London in 1952 because of chronic air pollution.

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