Airport security costs 'too high'

The aviation industry has spoken out against the spiralling costs of securing Britain's airports against the threat of terrorism.

Airport security costs 'too high'
It claims security costs have risen by 150% since new measures were brought in place following the September 11 attacks in the US in 2001.

The British Air Transport Association said it was a problem for the entire industry.

Security now reportedly accounts for a quarter of major airports' income. Airports cover all security costs themselves, but say this is simply not sustainable.

Airports want the Government to contribute, but say ministers insist the aviation industry must foot the bill.

Since 9/11, the Government has introduced restrictions on hand baggage, a ban on liquids on board and, more recently, measures to move vehicles further away from terminal buildings.

Geoff Muirhead, chief executive of Manchester Airport group, said it was not fair that the Government insisted on stringent security measures but did not help with funding.

The cost of increased security had wiped out all its profits, he said.

Mr Muirhead said the group had spent an extra £20m on security since the London bombings on July 7 2005.

It has also had to pay for 200 more security staff, new equipment and extra for direct policing.

Daily Mail

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