'AKP ready for new constitution'

AK Party Deputy Chairman Cetinsaya said we will call on all political parties to work on a new constitution. We are ready for a consensus.

'AKP ready for new constitution'

By World Bulletin with wires

Deputy chairman of the governing Justice & Development (AK) Party has said that they were ready for a new constitution.

A conference was held at the Turkish Culture Center in New York on "Latest Developments in Turkish Politics" with the participation of AK Party deputy chairman Necati Cetinkaya and AK Party deputy Cuneyt Yuksel.

Cetinkaya said, "even the president of the Constitutional Court talked about the necessity of a new constitution in his statement regarding the court's decision about the closure case against our political party."

"We are ready to make a new constitution. When the parliamentary recess ends, we will call on all political parties to work on a new constitution. We are ready for a consensus," he said.

Call from top court president

Earlier, Hasim Kilic, the president of Turkey's Constitutional Court, had called on politicians to reach a compromise and make several constitutional amendments to eliminate problems in political party closure cases.

"They should make these amendments rapidly," Kilic told reporters after he announced the decision of the court not to close the ruling AK Party.

Kilic said he believed every one would exert necessary efforts to reduce political tension in Turkey from now on.

Six members of the Constitutional Court voted for closure of the political party while four others voted for depriving the party of the financial assistance, and one member voted for the rejection of the case.

This is the first time the Constitutional Court implemented the provision of the Article 69 of the Constitution that envisions depriving a political party of financial assistance.

The provision was added to the Constitution in 2001.

The provision says that the court can totally or partially deprive a political party of financial assistance in closure cases instead of banning the party from politics.

The Constitutional Court started debating the closure case on Monday. It concluded the case after a 30-hour debate.

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