Ambassadors of 22 countries in Turkish city

Naif Alibeyoglu, Mayor of Turkish northeastern province of Kars, said that they have launched every type of initiatives to settle peace in Caucasus.

Ambassadors of 22 countries in Turkish city
Alibeyoglu hosted a dinner in honor of ambassadors of 22 countries late on Sunday.

Noting that they want a world without war, Alibeyoglu said that they expect all ambassadors to exert effort to settle peace.

Alibeyoglu said that Kars Municipality hosts Caucasus Cultures Festival each year to settle peace in Caucasus region as well as to establish dialogue among cultures in the region. He added that Armenia, Russia, Azerbaijan and Georgia attend these festivals.

Noting that one of the most important problems of Caucasus is occupation of Karabakh by Armenia, Alibeyoglu called on ambassadors to launch initiatives to end occupation of Karabakh.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 25 Şubat 2008, 11:50