'An AK party member cannot be president in Turkey'

Deniz Baykal, the head of the CHP, the opposition party in Turkey said that no one from the AKP can be president.

'An AK party member cannot be president in Turkey'


M.Hasan UNCULAR / Worldbulletin News Center

Deniz Baykal after naming the Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdullah Gul as a party militant said " Erdogan tried to make a party militant president, but he could not succeed. If he tries again, he makes a mistake. No one from the AKP ( the ruling Justice and Development Party) can be elected as president of Turkey."

According to the news of Vatan Newspaper, Deniz Baykal determined Erdogan's search for a negotiation for the name on the presidency as a "positive" step and said " I wish Erdogan searched for a negotiation in the beginning of this process by listening to me, and we did not have all these problems and have the elections on time, not early."

Baykal finished his words by saying " Erdogan must apoligize from Turkey because of this."

Güncelleme Tarihi: 12 Temmuz 2007, 16:45