An Israeli F-16 hit in Lebanon

An Israeli F- 16 was hit in Lebanon. In Haifa a three-storey building...

An Israeli F-16 hit in Lebanon

It is claimed that in the east part of Al-Varura an Israeli war plane was hit.Lebanese TV channels reported that an Israeli war plane was hit in the Lebanese sky and the channels also gave the video records of the plane while it was burning in the sky.Finally Israel denied this information.A lot of rockets were thrown to the third most populated city of Israel, Haifa by the Hezbollah members in Lebanon.

A three-storey building in Haifa ruined

In the Hezbollah attacks on Haifa a three- storey building in the town was completely ruined. Israeli medical staff said two people were wounded but there could be many people under the ruins of the building.Israel's Channel 10 TV also approved this information. In the attack on this town yesterday 8 people died, 20 wounded.

 Israeli soldiers in Lebanon

After Israel's warning for the abondon of the southern Lebanon, the land troops entered in through the border.

180 deads in 6 days
In the sixth day of Israeli operation on Lebanon 180 people died and minimum 500 people wounded .
Great threat from Israel
Israel Army threated that it could hit the city electricity center if the attacks of Hezbollah go on. According to the information taken from a high ranked military officer from the Israel Army, Israel's Channel 10 TV said that the operations can finish within a few days. 
But another officer said in case the Hezbollah attacks go on, Israel will increased the attacks and destroy the city electricity center.

Attacks will go on
Israel government said that it has no intention to stop the attacks on Hezbollah. The spokesman of the government Miri Eisin said that his country does nothave an intention to stop the attacks on Hezbollah.
Meanwhile the Israeli security officers said that a rocket fell on Haifa. The number of the deads or injuries were not pointed, Tiberyas and Acre cities were also aimed in the rocket attacks. 

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