Annual Symposium by Koc University December 8-9

Bathing Culture of Anatolian Civilizations: Architecture, History and Imagination

Annual Symposium by Koc University December 8-9

RCAC's Misson:

Create in Istanbul a center of superior intellectual standing that supports and disseminates research on historical art, architecture and archaeology in Turkey.

Increase the quality and quantity of research on the historical archaeology of Turkey, museum studies and heritage management.

Increase the awareness of the contributions and interactions Anatolian civilizations have had with other major world civilizations.

Develop and provide an educational forum in Turkey that focuses on current practices of international cultural heritage and museum studies.

Develop programs of documentation, preservation and conservation aimed at protecting the archaeological and cultural heritage of Turkey, with emphasis on digitalized formats.

Increase our understanding of contemporary Turkish culture and society by exploring the historical and archaeological record.

The Center aims to develop and facilitate research projects that deal with the past two and a half millennia and are dedicated to the history, art, architecture and archaeology of the Greco-Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman past and civilizations in Turkey. The Center will take a leading role in investigating and preserving Turkey's cultural heritage by supporting the work of outstanding senior scholars and promising junior scholars and by bringing together persons working in a range of disciplines dealing with the cultural heritage of Turkey.




10:00 Opening Remarks 
10:15-11:15 Keynote Speech
Fikret Yegül, Bathing Culture of Anatolia  

Coffee Break  

11:30-13:00 The Evolution of Baths in and outside Anatolia
Albrecht Berger, Baths in the Byzantine Age
Lara Tohme, Between Balnea and Hammams: The Bath-Complexes of Umayyad Syria 

Lunch Break  

14:30-16:00 Seljuk and Early Ottoman Baths
Ayşıl Yavuz, The Baths of Anatolian Seljuk Caravanserais
Çiğdem Kafesçioğlu, An Urban Monumental Type Re-born: The Public Bath in Fifteenth-Century Istanbul 

Coffee Break 

16:30-18:00 Ottoman Bathhouses in Istanbul
Nina Ergin, Bathing Business in Istanbul: A Case Study of the Çemberlitaş Hamamı in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
Ahmet Yaşar, A Spatial and Social Topography of Public Baths in Early Modern Istanbul 

18:30 Reception 


10:00-12:00 - Ottoman Bathhouses in the Provinces
Astrid Meier, Was There an Ottoman Bathing Culture? Bathhouses in the Arab-Speaking Provinces
Machiel Kiel, Some Little-Known Hamams and Mineral Baths on the Balkans: An Introduction
Eleni Kanetaki, Bathhouses in the Former Ottoman Province of the Greek Lands: A Contribution to the Study of their History and Architecture  

Coffee Break 

12:30-13:00 - Ottoman Bathhouses in Art and Literature
G ünsel Renda, The Ottoman Bath Through the Painter's Eyes  


14:30-16:00 - Hamams in the Early Modern and Modern Era Outside Anatolia
Stephen P. Blake, Bathhouses in Mughal India and Safavid Iran: Climate and Culture in Two Early Modern Islamic Empires
Nebahat Avcioğlu, Le Hammam in Paris: An Haussmannian Project  

16:00-16:45 Closing Remarks   

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